100+ lovely things to say to your lady to make her smile

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Before the days of phone calls and text messages, when writing love letters was the norm, love was so romantic that couples would take the time to pour out their hearts on that piece of white paper in the hopes of melting their partners’ hearts while telling them how much they love them.

Some couples have gone so far as to sprinkle perfume on their love notes before sending them out.

While the days of letter writing are long gone, having been replaced by phone calls and text messages, it appears that crafting beautiful words has become difficult, with some finding it difficult to create.

The reality is that you must be able to put words together to make your spouse pleased and feel significant in order to spice up your relationship life.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of 100+ words you may say to your girlfriend to make her happy.

They are as follows:

  1. Do you know that I would give up everything I owned to be with you?
  2. Only know how happy I am that you have come into my existence
  3. I’m so lucky that no one got to you before I did.
  4. There are unexpected moments when the little things you do make me fall in love with you all over again.

5. I have never wanted another person the way I want you.

6. “I adore you” doesn’t even start to interpret it. You are my everything.

7. I perhaps shouldn’t say this, but I’m more delighted about you than I have been about anyone in years.

8. You’re more important to me than you could ever comprehend.

9. I feel I’m crazy about you because I don’t understand myself anymore. All I care about is making sure you’re pleased.

10. I honour you and promise to take care of you.

11. Don’t move too far. I constantly need to be able to find you.

12. There’s no such entity as magic, but there’s you, and that’s just better.

13. Whatever transpires, I’m going to care for you anyway.

14. Ever since we’ve met, you’ve brightened up every sole day of my life.

15. You are the jewel and lamp of my life.

16. Being with you makes me want to toil harder to take care of you and give you all the things you merit.

17. I want to be your comfortable place.

18. Even if a genie appeared to me and proposed to change you in any way, there is nothing I would desire for.

19. I only want to take care of you in any way I can.

20. You are extra gorgeous than all the most glamorous things in the globe put together.

21. You’re so much more elegant than any girl I’ve ever had a passion for before.

22. You always think there’s something mistaken with you, but it is your slight peculiarities and shortcomings that make my heart melt.

23. Nothing lights up my day like beholding your smile.

24. You render the world a gorgeous place.

25. My beloved scent in the whole earth is that of you.

26. Even after this period, I still feel my heart miss a beat when I see you.

27. I’m not sure what I like reasonably – the smell of your hair or glancing in your eyes.

28. To me, your words are the softest sound in the world.

29. I adore the way your gazes smile.

30. I could expend my life just staring at you, always and ever.

31. When we mumble goodbye, just glimpsing at you makes it difficult for me to walk away.

32. I could consume a whole day just getting misplaced in your eyes.

33. I don’t reckon you comprehend how significant it is for me to hear the pitch of your voice every day.

34. I would offer you a bouquet, but then I realised that you’re far more lovely than any bouquet I could pick.

35. Glancing at you seizes my breath away.

36. At my office, there was this girl that everyone was discussing how she was super-hot, and I remembered how much more I’d rather sleep with you.

37. Sweetheart, I admire you. You’re all I think about. You’re just excellent.

38. I just adore the way you scent.

39. You smell so decent.

40. How does it look like to be the girl everyone wants?

41. You are the most glamorous girl I ever did see.

42. I could stare at you forever.

43. You are what men go to combat for.

44. You precisely look like a deity.

45. Your elegance slays me.

46. I wish you could lease my eyes for a moment so you could see how wonderful you are.

47. You’re so elegant that I still look twice when you step into the room.

48. Your complexion has a tremendous glow, like the light of a billion tiny stars.

49. My soul halts every time I see you.

50. You look so beautiful in the moonlight.

60. I didn’t believe someone could get more fascinating every time I saw them.

61. I recognise you are feeling down, but please cheer up my sunlight.

62. Your murmurs are my favourite tone, your name is my famous statement, your arms are my dwelling.

63. You can trust me, I will constantly be there for you, no matter what you desire.

64. Our affection is better than a rose because it possesses no thorns.

65. You appeared in my life and wriggled it into pearl.

66. Thank you, babe.

67. Finishing a day without you brings me feeling like I had dwelled an entire year without water.

68. Your affection nurtures me.

69. I do not believe offering you my heart is enough.

70. I am thankful your affection found me just when I did not merit to be loved.

71. Like a well-watered lawn, my love for you is always unique.

72. Adoring you aches sometimes but still, I crave it to everything else.

73. Each love tale is wonderful, but ours is my favourite.

74. You’re so attractive that you make the stars look like good fluorescent light bulbs.

75. You’re almost flawless.

76. I was attempting to make sure I could save you if the building catches on fire.

77. You’re my prescription and I’m entirely addicted.

78. It would be a catastrophe if we never came across each other.

79. You’re so beautiful, it should be illicit.

80. I want to write your former boyfriend a thank you letter.

81. When I stare at you, I understand that my nicest contemplation is not in a glass but love; I see in your gazes.

82. The tone of your voice compels me to overlook everything that is going on around me.

83. Living with you makes me realise I know what all the amazing love musics are about.

84. I begin my day with you on my mind and finish my day with you in my imaginations.

85. How did I get so fortunate?

86. How could I not plunge in love with you? You’re gorgeous, intelligent, humorous, and so sensual.

  1. I adore all the stars in the atmosphere, but you glow sharper than them all.

88. Our love is precious only because we are perfect for each other.

  1. A brave man is not afraid of dying but staying without his love frightens him to death.
  2. There is no point to gaze at the darkness at night; the stars are in your eyes.
  3. A woman’s smile says a lot about her gut; then yours is priceless.
  4. Life is incredible, but what is existence without you.
  5. Your heart is the only planet I want to consume my whole life in.
  6. I do not have any tales; I already have a great woman.
  7. Your love is like a delightful dream; I do not want to revive from it.
  8. Now that you have infiltrated my heart, I have latched its doors and flung the keys away.
  1. If there were no smartphones on this earth, I would ascend your window every moment of the day to tell you how lovely you are.
  2. You came into my realm, and you sent its colours back.
  3. Whenever we stare into each other’s eyes, I understand you are the one for me now and forever.
  4. You are the unique one with all the affection that I need.
  5. You suppress the thirst of my soul with your voice, so contact me.
  6. Is there anything better than affection? Because that is how I feel for you.
  7. The day I came upon you, I found my lost piece.
  8. A gorgeous woman’s shortcomings are what make her precise.
  9. You are magnificent Babe, I was pleading to angels to watch over you, but they told me not to worry because you are an angel.


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