2023 election: According to Peter Okoye, Nigerians sell their future at a rate of 7Naira per day.

Peter Okoye of the famous Psquare group has warned Nigerians to think twice and vote for the right candidates in the 2023 general elections.

The father of two, who has been vocal about Nigerians getting it right in the upcoming elections, shared a picture of American actor Will Smith stretching his hands at a breakdown of how much Nigerians sell their votes to politicians per day on Instagram.

According to Peter’s calculations, Nigerians sell their votes for 7 Naira per day and live in poverty for more than a year.

Peter’s calculation: “Assuming you sell your vote for ₦10000. Now, divide it by 365 days; that’s around ₦28, again, divide ₦28 by 4 years; that’s approximately ₦7. Now imagine selling your future at a rate of ₦7 per day!


Peter Okoye sends strong message to poor Nigerians

Kemi Filani News recalls that Peter Okoye sent a strong message to poor Nigerians.

Taking to his Instagram story, Peter shared a picture of himself living his best life. He stated that if Nigerians don’t vote wisely, they would end up suffering.

The singer, was no doubt referring to the average Nigerians, as they would suffer the most if a bad government enters into power.

“If you like don’t vote wisely, Na you go suffer. Wetin concern me”.

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