2023: Iro Ukpai laments Abia’s deteriorating infrastructure and rising debt burden.

Ukpai Iro Ukpai, the governorship candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) in Abia State for the March 2023 elections, has lamented the numerous challenges impeding the state’s human, economic, and infrastructure development.

He identified insecurity, unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, rising debt, corruption, declining tax revenue, and idolatry as major impediments to Abia’s growth and development.

Ukpai, who was speaking on Thursday in Umuahia, said he has outlined ways of solving the fundamental and structural challenges crumbling efforts to end festering challenges facing Abia state, promising to create massive jobs for unemployed Abia citizens using the digital economy and society, which serves as the hub, increase the state’s revenue so that the state will not depend on federal funding from Abuja.

“We create wealths as business investors do their transactions and tax revenue increases, stop revenue leakages, reduce excesses in governance, lower our debt stock, produce goods for Abians and the rest of the world by utilizing our human capital and ingenuity of our people, and spend sparingly”, the NNPP standard-bearer added.

Continuing, Ukpai stated partly, “undoubtedly, these industries will be taken into consideration while designing and building Infrastructure. Make no mistake. The majority of the work my government does will include public-private partnerships (PPP).

“I’ve made it clear that we must all live exemplary lives in government, and that we will not put up with any corrupt behaviours.

“Abia state must genuinely be lived in, experienced, and felt as God’s Own State under my administration, where Jehovah God is honored and revered.

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