A 6-year-old student drowns in Start -Abuja Rite School

Modadeoluwa, a six-year-old girl, drowned during swimming lessons at her school, Start-Rite Abuja, and her family is seeking justice against the school.

A close source who lived with the girl and her parents revealed to Kemi FIlani News that Modadeoluwa drowned on her birthday.


Student drowns in start rite school abuja

“Modadeoluwa marked her birthday with her parents present, 40 mins later they called them to inform them that their daughter is not breathing. Apparently, she was taking swimming classes and suddenly went breathless and passed out, she was rushed to the hospital at Cidercrest but couldn’t make it.” the source whose name has been withheld told Kemi FIlani News.

Another family member also cried out on Instagram saying the tragic incident could have been avoided and worse still, the Start-Rite school management is covering up for the act.

six year old girl drowns in start rite school Abuja

“My 6-year-old little cousin had a swim day at her school, start rite school, Abuja. Obviously, the coach advised her to swim as far as possible and swim back, when she got back, he tossed her multiple times in the air at the shallow side of the pool and she hit her head and had internal bleeding.

Even with that, the coach continued pushing her into the pool to continue swimming. He later brought her out and she put her hands on her head. After a few seconds, her hands dropped and she passed out.

How Start-Rite tried to cover up their deed

The school called her parents to rush over to the emergency clinic because their child had a minor injury, only for us to reach and found her applied pressure at the emergency clinic. The Suspicion is she died prior to arriving at the emergency clinic.

We requested CCTV. When it arrived, we found out they had doctored the tape. Asides from that, the executive of the school actually went to the emergency clinic and told them not to give us the clinical report, until we threatened them before they delivered it.

Presently the school is open like nothing occurred and they aren’t assuming responsibility. Let it be known that the hospital said she had passed on before she even got to the emergency clinic. No CPR was given prior to taking her to the medical clinic” the family member cried out.

The Start-Rite school management is yet to react to the allegations as at the time of this report.

Davido’s son drowns in Lagos

NenyKo recalls that a few days ago, superstar Davido’s son, Ifeanyi Adeleke drowned in Lagos. He died on Monday, October 31. According to information gathered by Kemi Filani News, Ifeanyi Adeleke got drowned a few days after his third birthday which was on October 20.

A source close to the family stated, “The boy was inside water for too long and they pulled him out and rushed him to the hospital,” the family source said under anonymity to await an official statement.

He was rushed to Evercare Hospital in Lekki where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

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