A judge confronts a Twitter troll during auditions after he criticised her on Twitter.

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When the judge who he had previously attacked on Twitter confronted a Twitter troll on stage during an audition, he was left shivering.

Nana Aba Anamoah, a Ghanaian media figure, was judging the “Next TV Star” audition when one of the contestants walked on stage and revealed himself to be a Twitter user who had been insulting her, Lydia Forson, and other Ghanaian celebrities on Twitter.

Apparently, the troll had said a number of hurtful and false things about the judge and other Ghanaian celebrities, only for him to go for an audition to see the person he has been attacking is the judge

When he was asked to defend the claims he’s been making on Twitter about the host and other celebrities, he had nothing to say for himself except that, “Twitter isn’t real”.

“Here I am, say it to my face,” the judge told the troll but his voice shook and he couldn’t repeat the things he’s been typing online to her face.

Watch the video below:

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