According to Nigerian clergywoman Pastor Eno Jerry, a woman’s role in her husband’s household is to increase his wealth (video)

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Pastor Eno Jerry, a Nigerian clergywoman, has stated that the role of any woman in a man’s life is to help him increase his wealth.

During a recent sermon, Pastor Eno stated that the least a man should ever be in life is the way a woman met him. A woman’s presence, she believes, should boost a man. In her own words:


”When a woman enters the home of a man, her role is to increase his wealth. Its’s a foolish one that lessens his wealth.

A foolish woman lessens his wealth but a wise woman builds the wealth of her husband through wisdom. So any man you meet, any man you enter into his life, even if you are in a relationship, the least he can ever be is the least you met him”

Watch a video of her speaking below:

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