According to reports, 17 people were killed when bandits attacked a mosque in Niger state.

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On Monday morning, October 25, bandits reportedly killed 17 people after attacking a mosque in Maza Kuka village, Mashegu local government area, Niger State.

According to reports, the gunmen arrived on motorcycles and stormed the community while residents were praying in the morning. The gunmen began shooting indiscriminately into the air, killing anyone in their path.

The Maza_Kuka and Kulhu communities in Mashegu local government council of Niger state are bordering Kianji Lake Forest where most of the bandits are said to be taking refuge.

Confirming the incident, the Secretary to the Niger State Government, Ahmed Ibrahim Matane, said that 16 people were killed in the mosque while one other was killed at Kaboji village by the gunmen. Matane said that the State Government has sent a team of military personnel to the forest to fish out bandits hiding there.

The Chairman of Mashegu local government council, Alhaji Alhassan Isa Maza-Kuka also confirmed the incident, describing it as very devastating to the people.

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