Address insecurity before the 2023 elections, says university dean

Professor Kayode Abiodun, a former instructor at the Department of Conflict, Peace, and Strategic Studies at the Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA), said in Kaduna on Saturday that the 2023 general elections would be cancelled if the government failed to address the country’s insecurity.

Professor Abiodun told journalists in Kaduna that unless security agents continue to expel bandits, terrorists, and other criminals operating across the country, elections for political leaders into various offices in 2023 will fail to produce the intended results.

According to him: “How would you expect electorates to vote wisely, while kidnappers keep chasing them from house to house?”

He said several politicians have prepared to win the forthcoming elections by crook, or hook, using different means including hiring thugs and suspected bandits to intimidate voters.

He called on the federal government, state governments and the electoral commission to see to the safety of electorates in the forthcoming elections before attempting to conduct elections as the safety of people is paramount to the existence of a nation

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