‘All the Jaruma ladies are coming for your man.’ Jaruma is still dragging BBN’s Maria for flaunting his expensive car and wrist watch.

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Hauwa Seidu, popularly known as Jaruma, a popular Kayanmata seller and entrepreneur, has released a list of Jarumatized girls who are coming for BBN’s Maria’s man, Kelvin, as she continues to drag the reality TV star.

This comes after the Kayanmata vendor threatened to turn Maria over to Dubai police as a result of her involvement with a married man.

NenyKo recalls that Cubana Chief priest called out Maria for stealing his sister’s husband and constantly sending threats to the woman. Hence, he vowed never to allow such an act to slide as he promised to go after Maria in Dubai.

Taking to her Instagram, Jaruma has unleashed 17 girls to snatch Kelvin from Maria, stating that they would re-snatch the ‘snatchee’ from the snatcher.

According to her, Maria shot herself in the leg by exposing her man and his expensive wristwatch, expensive luxury car and $50,000 dollars in cash. Adding that next time, she would learn not to expose her source of income again.

She wrote:

U exposed ur Man by posting all his expensive wrist watch, expensive luxury car &$50,000 dollars in cash. now all Jaruma girls are coming for ur Man to also Re-snatch him away from u…!!! U will learn NEVER to expose ur source of income again!!


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