At a movie shoot, actor Bigvai Jokotoye and his coworkers sobbed uncontrollably.

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Bigvai Jokotoye, a Nigerian actor working in the United States, described how an emotional sequence on production made him and his co-star cry.

Bigvai Jokotoye took to Instagram to share a snapshot of himself and a colleague in tears, claiming that he began singing a grieving song and the DOP, Gbenga Afolabi, began crying as he remembered his mother.

Bigvai Jokotoye explained that the coordinator followed suit, and before they knew it, everyone on the set, including himself, was crying as they remembered their late parents and siblings.

Bigvai Jokotoye added that his wife on the movie set couldn’t hold her tears, and everything became real to them.

The post reads: Hmmm, while we were shooting an emotional scene, I started singing a dirge and suddenly, the D.O.P @iamgbengaafolabi started crying (remembered his mom), followed by the coordinator @anunoluwa and before we knew it, everyone (including me) started crying for real remembering our late parents, siblings. My wife on set couldn’t hold her tears @muhammedsophia and everything became real.

NenyKo recalls Bigvai Jokotoye expressed his displeasure over the unstable power supply that has given room for the importation of generators in Nigeria in a video.

According to the actor, he is ashamed of his birth country that has made generators their main source of power aside from the unstable power generated by the government.

In a video shared, he captured the moment a white man was going camping with his generator and some other necessary things.

He mentioned that the only time a white man knows that a generator exists is when he wants to go camping or for outdoor activities, whereas it has become part of Nigerians to always switch on their noisy generators due to the problematic power.

The actor said Nigeria can not boast of a stable power supply since its Independence in 1960 and for over 60 decades, the country has remained stagnant while other countries are progressing.


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