Atiku: Ortom has demonstrated that he resembles Jesus Christ – Christian group

The Northern Christian Youths Forum, NCYF, has praised Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom for apologising to the Fulani ethnic group for his recent comments.

NCYF stated that Ortom has exemplified Jesus Christ by apologising to Fulanis for his recent comments.

Ortom recently declared that he would never support a Fulani man for president of Nigeria.

Ortom made the pledge while accusing PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar of remaining silent on the killings of Benue indigenes by armed Fulani herders.

The governor, however, apologized for his anti-Fulani remarks yesterday in Bauchi State.

Reacting, the National President of NCYF, Philip Dogara, urged those aggrieved by Ortom’s anti-Fulani remarks to accept his apology.

A statement by Dogara reads: “We receive with unlimited happiness the news that Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom has apologized to Fulanis and Nigerians generally for saying he won’t support a Fulani man to be the next president of Nigeria.

“We commend Governor Ortom for tendering that apology without compulsion and blackmail by people who usually take advantage of such utterances to cause mischief and amplify tensions among the people.

“Governor Ortom has shown that he is a true Christian as it takes one who emulates Christ and is enmeshed in the teachings of the church to apologize for real or perceived wrong done to others and their emotions.

“The Governor’s apology has also opened a vista of a cordial relationship between him and those who felt aggrieved by the comments on one hand, and Fulanis and his people of Benue on the other hand.”

NCYF also cautioned those who may have made unguarded utterances or through their” actions or inaction irked Governor Ortom into making the said comment that obviously hurt many.”

“The NCYF, therefore, admonish political and religious leaders to learn from Samuel Ortom as it takes only a humble, but strong person to apologise for words they utter or actions they take that don’t go down well with others.

“We encourage Governor Ortom to maintain his clamour for justice, equity and fairness in all matters concerning Nigerians as those are the ingredients needed to ensure national peace and unity.”

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