Baba Suwe’s son apologises to the Yoruba film business.

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Adesola Omidina, son of late veteran actor Baba Suwe, has apologised to members of the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN) for his comments on his father’s death following his sudden outburst and viral video of him cussing out by his father’s corpse on November 22, 2021.

On Monday, a video of one of Baba Suwe’s sons exhibiting his father’s body on social media went viral. The youngster is shown in the film bemoaning his father’s death and claiming that when his father was alive, none of his friends or colleagues replied to their calls.

Apologising for the comment in a statement dated November 22, the deceased other son Adesola condemned the video and the comments which were made. He also apologised to TAMPAN, the government, family and friends who have been supportive of them.

“As the son of the veteran actor late Babatunde Omidina ‘Baba Suwe’ I am genuinely issuing this statement to denounce and condemn the video(s) about Baba Suwe’s death that has been wrongly posted.

“The Nollywood, TAMPAN, the government, Prophets, family and fans have been supportive in their own ways. I tender an apology to all the groups, people and families affected! Again, please disregard any inappropriate ‘video’ circulating social media,” the statement read.

Baba Suwe died on Monday November 22, 2021.

He was aged 63.


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