‘Blood never tells a lie.’ Yul Edochie claims that God made him to look like his father.

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Yul Edochie, a Nollywood actor and presidential aspirant, has revealed that he bears a striking resemblance to his father, veteran actor Pete Edochie.

God created him to be like his father, he claims, after noticing that he walks the same way his father does in a video that was shared online.

On Instagram, he stated that he had always assumed he bore more of his mother’s resemblance, but after watching the video, he realised that blood never lies.


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He wrote:

Na wa oo.
Blood never lies.
I’m just noticing that I even walk like my father.
Same movement.
Never saw this before.
I always thought I looked more like my mother.
Na wa.
God dey create oo.

NenyKo recalls Yul Edochie shared his childhood moments with his dad, Pete Edochie and how he has made him tough for difficult moments.

Recounting his experience as a child, Yul described his dad as a no-nonsense man, who was strict to a fault despite the pettings from their mom.

Yul said their dad’s mean face and belt in hand automatically translates to something whenever they refused to take a particular malaria drug as kids after their mum had begged them to take it.

According to him, his father was a tough man, even though he was scared of him then, he now realise the joy of having a father as he expresses his utmost love and appreciation for him.


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