Chris Brown constructs a department store outside his home to store his numerous clothes.

Chris Brown has so many clothes that he had to relocate to a new location to store them.


The singer built a “department store” outside his Tarzana, California, home because he ran out of space for all of his clothing.


He showed off the racks of designer clothes that fill the newly-built structure in an Instagram Story.


Chris Brown builds department store outside his house to store his many clothes


“I just built a department store outside of my house,” he said.


Chris also called out his fellow artists for “fake capping” about their drips, which is pale in comparison to his.


Back in 2019, Chris held a garage sale to downsize his clothing collection. Fans lined up around the block to get some of the coveted items at discounted prices, and the cops even threatened to shut the whole thing down.


Watch the video below:


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