COVID-19 is the devil’s hypocrisy in undermining the Church internationally – Bishop Oyedepo

Presiding Bishop, Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo said that COVID-19 is the devil’s hypocrisy to diminish the Church’s power internationally.

Oyedepo, who spoke at the Church Crossover Service, said that there is no online alternative for fellowship.

He said the farther away one is from the fellowship of the saints, the weaker such a person becomes “until you walk away from God and walk down to the devil, to a fellowship of regrets.”

“Some have not recovered from COVID-19. Do you know why? They didn’t go to the Cell Fellowship, they just sat at home, in the name of online and snore and sleep and check their system, “Oh, service has ended!”

“That’s what the devil is after globally, to weaken the strength of the Church under the cover of COVID-19.

It’s the devil’s hypocrisy: this prophet says so.

“Every temperature rise: COVID-19; You sneeze: COVID-19, You cough: COVID-18, You sweat, COVID-21

Psalm 110:2 – the devil is against Zion thriving, for that is the platform for the rise of the end-time army, but he will not succeed.

“When the Church goes against a man, his destiny is finished. When the Church goes against a system, that system will crash,” he said in the sermon captured by Church Gist, a credible Christian Facebook page.

According to Oyedepo, “No one can stop God’s agenda in your life but you and no external force can succeed without your permission.

“No one can stop God’s agenda from coming through in your life and no external force can do that without your permission.

“I will build myself 10,000 Churches”, then the global conspiracy called COVID-19 came: He still did it, with 404 on top. Mind my words, “the conspiracy called COVID-19”

“First thing: no Church holds! What a virus. The Church first! And now the schools came under stress, to keep backward nations backward. We are about entering our land where the children of wickedness shall not afflict us.

With the Saints of God standing strong in our country, across various ministries, standing strong in the continent of Africa, the devil has no place anymore.”

“When the church launches an attack against anyone or system, that system crashes. Thank God we have prevailed,” he said.

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