COVID -19 Vaccine Bias: To Take Or Not To Take?

While COVID-19 surges and the world scientists are working franticly very hard to produce vaccines for coronavirus.  Dr. Carrie Madej, an Osteopathic internal medicine physician, who blends traditional & holistic medicine for optimal health, kicks strongly against receiving the vaccine. Nonetheless, a lone wolf in this call is saying that the upcoming vaccines will contain chips that detect and programs our lives and changes our mechanisms automatically.  She revealed this through 2 minutes and 21 seconds video she shared on her social media accounts.


“The worst of what I am about to say is what they want to introduce on us to .”Here’s the kicker”
They planned on using a unique identification in the vaccine. One of the patterns called Luciferase. These are Nano-crystals, Bio-Luminescent. They light up under certain conditions. You will never see it nor feel it on your skin but with a special application. It can pass over, and it will say whether or not you were vaccinated. For the whole of your vaccination record as well as your medical records. But guys, this is giving you a barcode, a number, a digital ID. For how long? we are not products on the shelf in a store. We are human beings, we are sovereign human beings, we deserve better than that. What is this going to be used for? when they do this, you must know they’re saying Nano-crystals which they are actually using Nano- Technology microscopic robots. This can actually put bio-sensor into our body. A  bio-sensor immediately within 24hours gathering information from your body; how you breathe, your blood sugar, your oxygen, your sleeping habits, your sexual habits, your menstrual cycle, what medications are in your body?. If you are taking medicines, if you taking illicit drugs, your emotion everything will never be private again. What is this use? it will accumulate all these data, it will go to your smartphone, go to another smart device, go to the cloud. Who’s using this? who’s marketing that? who will profit from that? why is someone else getting that information?. That has been proposed and used in these vaccines and you have to know because, once this is in your body, there’s no guarantee you can get it out, and there’s no guarantee it will ever end. it is “do or die.” Once you get in you can’t get out. And think about that overnight losing our autonomies, our privacies, and our freedom.  I say NO. We need to tell everyone around the world what’s about to happen.”

While Nenyko is neutral in this matter, having listened to her message in the video did she convince you not to take the vaccine or not? Do you think there are facts in what she is saying? Should the scientists engage in this conversation to alley the anxiety raise by Dr. Carrie Madej and others making the call to avoid getting vaccinated?
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