Covid’s Deaths: God’s grace spared Africa, CAN responds to Bill Gates

The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Dr Samson Ayokunle, says that while Africa lacks standard healthcare facilities and technical tools to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, the continent appears to enjoy God’s grace as evidenced by low infections and related deaths in Nigeria and other African countries.

Ayokunle was reacting to a statement made by American business magnate, Bill Gates, who said he was yet to understand why Covid cases and fatalities still remain low in Africa.

The billionaire philanthropist had in his 2020 Year In Review Notes titled, ‘These breakthroughs will make 2021 better than 2020’, said, “One thing I’m happy to have been wrong about—at least, I hope I was wrong—is my fear that COVID-19 would run rampant in low-income countries.

“So far, this hasn’t been true. In most of sub-Saharan Africa, for example, case rates and death rates remain much lower than in the US or Europe and on par with New Zealand, which has received so much attention for its handling of the virus.  The hardest-hit country on the continent is South Africa—but even there, the case rate is 40 per cent lower than in the US, and the death rate is nearly 50 per cent lower.

“We don’t have enough data yet to understand why the numbers aren’t as high as I worried they would get.”

Reacting in his 2021 New Year Message on Thursday, the President of CAN said that the grace of God had made a difference in Africa and Nigeria.

Ayokunle, in the message entitled ‘Living in the Hidden Place of the Most High: The Key to the Resolving Difficulties of the Year,’ said that living in the secret place of God saved Africa.

He said, “I read in the newspaper Bill Gates’ comment that he could not understand why COVID-19 mortality was low in Africa in general, where healthcare was worse than the Developed World. The correct answer is that residing in the hidden location of the Most High saved Africa.

“We are technologically poor but we believe we have a big and great God whom we can trust, whom we can run to His secret place and abide under His shadow. The mercy of God made the difference in Africa, especially Nigeria where health experts predicted that 30 million people would die.”

The CAN president further noted, “I am not saying that the advanced nations of the world do not believe in God but that our own lack of human strength, lack of health infrastructure (though not our pride), have made us to trust in God more than human science and technology. The mercy of God has preserved us and will continue to preserve us all the days of our lives in the name of Jesus Christ.

Ayokunle also encouraged the Nigerian authorities to restore stability and bring peace and development to Nigeria to the year 2021.


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