Crime for crime caught on the tape: Riverside County Sheriff Deputies murdered a suspect at the scene by beating

A man died after unnecessary force was used by the sheriff’s deputies during his detention on Tuesday night, Dec 15, in Jurupa Valley.

The death of Ernie Serrano, 33, of Jurupa Valley came after he was beaten by the Sheriff’s Deputies of Riverside County in the shop.According to the Sheriff’s Department of Riverside County, the deputies went to the 5500 block of Mission Boulevard about 8:30 p.m. About an attack with a lethal force call.Serrano was at the place, battling with a security guard and trying to snatch his pistol, the department said.


When attempting to apprehend Serrano, “he continued fighting with the deputies and did not comply with their commands. At that time, a use of force occurred,” the sheriff’s department reported. Serrano was finally arrested, but the deputies found that he seemed to avoid breathing, the department went on.Medical staff on the scene were able to get a pulse on Serrano, but after being taken to the nearest hospital, his health worsened and according to the sheriff’s department, he died. 

Investigators from Force Investigations Detail, Riverside County District Attorney Investigators and Riverside County Sheriff’s Central Murder Team assumed the case, according to the police. 

Meanwhile, video of Serrano being beaten after his detention appeared, and viewers said that such use of force was needless. They are now crying for justice and have taken Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco’s Instagram account to raise questions.


Video shows moment Riverside County Sheriff Deputies fatally beat a suspect till he died

Video shows moment Riverside County Sheriff Deputies fatally beat a suspect till he died


Watch Serrano get killed:

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