Demolition of the sex house of Kaduna has given ample signals to other deviants and their sponsors-NCAC DG, Olusegun Runsewe

Olusegun Runsewe, Director-General of the National Council for the Arts and Culture (NCAC) has announced that the demolition of a house which is supposed to be the location for a sex party in Kaduna State is in order.

In a statement released on Sunday 3 January, Runsewe insisted that hosting a sex party is a complete lack of regard for Nigerian society. He said that Governor Nasir El-Rufai deserved respect for his timely response to the proposal, which he said would serve as a warning to those who may be contemplating such immorality. 

The statement read:

“But for this intervention by the governor, Kaduna State possibly would become the new capital and destination for sex tourism in Nigeria.

“This will lead to social disconnect and dislocations with drug peddling in tow and our children destroyed in the process.

“In 1992, Senegal and Uganda, experienced massive influx of sex tourists and immediately took hard measures to curb it because if left unchecked, sex tourism will damage the spiritual, moral and cultural values of any society.

“And there is no sentiments about dealing with it as. El-Rufai has done.”


Runsewe who called on other governors to support the full restoration and enthronement of Nigerian cultural values to rid the nation of strange characters and lifestyles, urged parents to monitor their children closely and nip untoward attitude in the bud as the NCAC would be doing more in 2021 to ensure that Nigerian cultures remained respected and upheld.


The statement added; 


“Certainly, Governor El-Rufai has vindicated our position on the need to stop and arrest the unfortunate presence and foreign behavioural influence threatening our cultures and traditions.

“Am sure with the pulling down of the house planned for the sex party, sufficient signals have been sent to other deviants, their sponsors and publics.

“The law of this country must be applied to the fullest to stop this rage from the pit of darkness.

“This is how Boko Haram and “Yahoo-Yahoo’’ started and before we knew it, our society and young persons were left to drink from the polluted waters of social vices leaving us to struggle on all fronts.

“So let those who are angry at the response of Gov. El-Rufai go to check out various campaigns mounted against sex tourism by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation  and the Universal Federation of Travel Agencies.

“Our culture no doubt is under threat from all sides, but with what Gov. El Rufai has done in Kaduna State, I am convinced that we shall battle the demons of immoral living and enemies of our cultures and traditions to a standstill.”

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