‘Do you think I post too much about my child?’ Regina Daniels to Nigerians after being chastised for flaunting her son

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Regina Daniels, the billionaire’s wife and Nollywood actress, has posed a question to Nigerians after an ex-friend chastised her for flaunting her son, Moon, on social media.

Taking to Instagram, the Billionaire’s wife recounted an encounter with a friend who advised her to stop posting pictures of her son due to evil eyes.

In response to her claims, Regina stated that she is a public figure and her son is adorable, so flaunting him is not a bad idea, and that evil eyes do not exist.

The actress said after their discussion, the adviser who told her not to post her son started uploading her son’s picture on social media, which calls for concern.

However, she said anytime she sees a child on people’s timelines, her compliment shows that she is happy to see the baby whether the picture is posted 1 million times. She urged her fans to educate her if showing off her child is bad.

She wrote:

Guys I have a question….an ex-friend told me “Ginayou are posting your son too much, it’s not good there are evil eyes everywhere, I’m sure that’s why he’s not feeling fine because as at then, Moon wasn’t feeling fine….

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