‘Doomscrolling’ is the term of the year 2020-Public address

As is the case every year, the website of the Public Address requested online votes from a long list of terms, many of which came into being or rose to popularity in 2020.

#NZhellhole counted the third-most votes, while the runner-up for the term of the year was: “Bubble”

Russell Brown, from Public Address, told Morning Report about the votes that we’ve pretty much had on Twitter.

Then what’s going to doomscrolling?

“Basically, you’re scrolling down to the see all the terrible things that are happening in the world,” Brown said.

It was also named “Bloomfield” in the list.

The Macquarie Dictionary in Australia also prefered doomscrolling and Covidiot, he said, however. “its readers went for ‘Karen’.”

The top 10 words:

  • 1. Doomscrolling
  • 2. Bubble
  • 3. #NZHellhole
  • 4. Covid-19
  • 5. You’re on mute
  • 6. Lockdown
  • 7. Covidiot
  • 8. Unprecedented
  • 9. Bloomfield
  • 10. Go hard, go early

In 2019, ‘OK Boomer’ – a phrase used by Millennials, which some of the older generation is offended by, took the top spot.

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