Emergency landing: Watch the moment when a small aircraft crash landed on to a moving SUV in a highway (video)

The video below shows an emergency landing on Interstate 35W, just south of Interstate 694 in Minnesota, when a small aircraft crashed into a moving SUV.

At around 9:15 p.m., the single-engine plane made an emergency landing near Arden Hills. Wednesday, the 2nd of December.As it touched down, the plane also avoided other cars, but crashed into a moving SUV on the interstate as the pilot tried to bring it to a halt.Thankfully, nobody in the crash was badly injured.The pilot was named as Minneapolis 52-year-old Craig Gifford, to whom the plane is registered.“I saw the plane coming at me probably a second before we collided,” Brittany Yurik, who was alone in the SUV which was clipped by the single-engine aircraft, said.Her car was damaged but Yurik walked away unscathed, as did the pilot and his passenger.


“I talked to [Gifford] last night,” Yurik said. “He’s very kind. He was very apologetic. He explained to me what happened, and I just can’t believe we’re all OK. I think he was feeling the same thing.”


The accident is currently under investigation by the National Transportation and Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration. Watch the following video…

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