Fuel and Electricity Tariff Agreement: TUC Accuses President Buhari’s Govt of Dishonesty

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) says the hike in PMS price is a result of a failure in  Buhari’s Government to honor agreements.
This statement was jointly signed on Tuesday by TUC President Quadri Olaleye and the secretary-general Mr. Musa-Lawal Ozigi in Lagos. They Noted that organised Labour in their last meeting with the FG over the fuel and electricity tariff hike asked the Government to save the masses from impending poverty that the recent fuel price hike will cause.

“We recall that at our meeting, the government appealed that subsidy removal was the only way out, else the economy will collapse and there will be massive job losses”.
“We agreed with them to save the economy and jobs”.
“If the government claims to have deregulated the downstream sector of the oil and gas by removing fuel subsidy, it means the independent oil; marketers are importing petrol at their own cost.”
“Information at our disposal, however, is that no independent marketer is importing fuel because they cannot access dollars.”
“The Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is still holding on to that monopoly,” both union leaders said.

The duo was greatly displeased with FG’s failure to keep the agreement made since that September.

According to the leaders β€œIn few days, the various committees involving government and the organised labour will brief labour and the civil society and the outcome of that meeting will determine our next line of action.’’

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