Good Samaritan’s car and his dog stolen by supposed crash victim she wanted to assist

Good Samaritan who went to rescue the wounded victim get the shock of his life after her SUV and dog were robbed.

Rebecca Sutton, the Good Samaritan in a Facebook post, disclosed how she saw the car tip over in Toledo, Ohio, on December 30th, and rushed to the scene to give her support.

According to her, when the incident happened in the vicinity, she was in the parking lot of a Lebanese restaurant and raced to rescue the victim, leaving Daisy with her 16-year-old son in the Jeep.

The driver climbed out of his crashed car and claimed it belonged to his father before waiting for assistance.

She said that she was screaming for someone to take him to the hospital, Sutton, when her son got out of the car to provide assistance, only to get the survivor of the accident to the Jeep himself to drive away.

Narrating the incident, Sutton said; She wrote on Facebook: ‘I GOT OUT OF MY JEEP TO HELP THE GUY AND HE JUMPED IN IT AND STOLE IT WITH MY DOG IN IT!!”

Sutton tried to warn him, but was unable to do so because the vehicle was seen heading in the direction of the local hospital.

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