Greece detects four new cases of coronavirus of the new variant from UK

According to an official of the Ministry of Health, Greece has detected four new coronavirus cases in people who have recently travelled from Britain.

The new strain of coronavirus, now distributed across the world, was first detected in Britain and is more communicable than the initial variant of the first virus reported in China a year earlier. Another latest new version has been discovered for the first time in South Africa.

“The four persons recently travelled to Greece from Britain. They are in quarantine,” a Health Ministry Official who declined to be named told Reuters. It was the first time that Greece has reported cases of the new variant.

Greece tightened the coronavirus for a week from Sunday, shutting hair salons and bookshops that had been permitted to reopen in the run-up to Christmas to kerb the coronavirus outbreak.

The country that began the first vaccine against COVID-19 last week reported 140,099 confirmed coronavirus cases and 4,957 associated deaths.

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