‘Headache, tiredness, cough’ — Sanwo-Olu describes his horrible COVID-19 encounter

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, governor of Lagos, claimed  he experienced headache, cough, tiredness and “loss of everything” during the period he was in isolation after testing positive for the coronavirus.

The governor stated this on Thursday24th December , after it was pronounced that he had recovered from COVID-19.

The governor was confirmed positive for the virus on December 12, 2020.

Speaking from  isolation center , the governor said:

 “It was not a pleasant experience, and urged residents to endeavor to take care of their health”.

“I had a big bout I must tell you. It was not mild. It was more than asymptomatic, so I felt it. All of the things you would feel — headache, cough, loss of everything, tiredness — I felt it; even looking at oxygen in front of me,” he said.

Sanwo-Olu said further:

“It’s real. And so when it infects you, you check your oxidation, check your oxygen level; these are real facts that people need to know.”

He advised residents to seek medical attention when they feel unwell, saying patients can recover if they don’t take chances.

“There is something they call it in medical terms. You will not know that you’re on reserve. You know, it’s like you are driving a car and your car has moved to reserve, but it will still tell you that you have fuel until when the reserve just finishes; that is when the car will just stop”. 

“So, don’t wait until when you get to reserve. Once you feel unwell, shout out. It might be some signals that you don’t know anything about. Don’t just take chances, because the beauty of it is that you will get well. You can get well. It is just the vulnerable people amongst us that we need to protect, that we need to continue to ensure that we keep their lives safe.”

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