How Vagina Exam Provokes Diplomatic Row Between Australia And Qatar

Following the discovery of an unborn baby in a toilet at the Qatar airport on the 18th of October 2020, Doha airport authorities resolved to forcibly examine the private part of every woman traveling. The fact remains that most of the women searched were Australians. Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne told a Senate hearing that a total of 10 female airplane passengers were searched, which is completely worrying and aggressive.

The Minister said 18 women among those searched were those visiting Sydney and some French women. The victims were said to have been given a thorough intensive vagina examination by force. They were other women victims but the Minister did not say where they were traveling to. 

This incident is now causing a diplomatic row between Australia and Qatar. Australia has filed a protest against the incident.

It was gathered that Australian authorities are working closely with other countries where other women described as victims of this abuse. Furthermore, Australia is seeking to raise this issue with Qatar Authorities. Australia’s Foreign Minister said she was awaiting the report on this incident. 

Previously, Doha’s Hamad Airport had confirmed that the incident had taken place. However, the spokesperson declined to give details. The airport has requested that the unborn baby’s mother show up and take him away. 

What do you think about this bizarre vagina examination row between Australia And Qatar?

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