‘I love you’ hand sculptures’ push to encourage the use of sign language

One of the figurines will be one-and-a-half metres high and will be carried around the world.According to a press release from the Ma’agalei Shema Organization, the “sign of the state” project will create hand sculptures with a sign language gesture for “I love you” in an attempt to raise the understanding of deaf and hard hearing people and to encourage the learning of sign language.Hand sculptures will be painted by hundreds of Israeli musicians, musicians, and artists, and will be released under the leadership of the “Circles of Audio” group, which has been supporting deaf and hard to hear people in Israel for over 50 years.

Many trainees of all ages participated as members in the Ma’agalei Shema Group, which runs eight branches and clubs in Israel. As part of the venture, Aki Avni, Roni Dalumi, Riki Gal, David D’Or, Dvir Bendek, Hani Nachmias, Ayelet Zurer, Chef Segev Moshe, Chef Tom Aviv, Amos Tamam, Shlomi Shabbat, Jonathan Margie, and the artists Dudu Gerstein, Oded Feingersh, Ahrela Ben-Arieh, Shuki Griffith and more are some of the celebrities who will be drawing hand movements.The statistics will be sold via a dedicated website with all proceeds going to the organisation in order to enable it to increase its operations.One of the figurines will be one-and-a-half metres high and will be carried around the world.

“The mobilization of all those dozens of actors and singers, painters and artists – is exciting. It’s also a great opportunity to use language that many do not know, and to say to each other and to the whole world – I love you. I sincerely hope that this project will touch the hearts of many people in Israel so that together we can continue to accompany our trainees,” Danit Debra, CEO of the Ma’agalei Shema Association.

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