“I’d never sleep with any man for money,” BB says. Khloe makes a vow and discusses her love life on Naija (Video)

Khloe Abiri, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, has made a promise to herself that she will never sleep with any man for money.

This was revealed by the reality star during an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo.


Khloe disclosed that she can never sleep with any man for money.

Speaking about her love life, the beauty entrepreneur revealed that she is still taking her time to find the right man.

She stated that men can come, but she would only flirt with them.

Khloe added that she has never been in a relationship before.

She said,

“I don’t care if your sister is an aristo but I Khloe will never sleep with any man for money.

When it comes to relationship, I think I am taking my time to find the right guy.

100 can come and I can decide to flirt with them but I know what I am looking for.

I have never been in a relationship before, if you are my ex, it never happened, I don’t know you”.

Khloe hunts for love

Months back, Khloe had made headlines when she cried out for love.

The reality star cum businesswoman who will be turned 29, had taken to her timeline to declare that she yearns for a man in her life but not a broke man.

Stating the type of man she needs, Khloe who claimed she is not in for childish games, said she desires a man who will love her no matter what.

She added that she needs a man who will not be angry at her for expressing her feelings.

Getting more romantic, Khloe added that she wants a lover who will kiss, hug and love her without having to ask for it.

Khloe further stressed that she would not interact with a broke man as she is not broke and can afford all she wants.

Khloe’s message to ladies

NenyKo recalls that the BBN reality star had sent a strong message to ladies dating attentive men.

She had advised women dating men who pay attention to them to not leave them be.

Khloe via her Instagram revealed men who supports their women aren’t common anymore, urging ladies to not let go of such men.

She wrote;

”Ladies, if you have a man who cares for you, help you get through shit.. support you and gives you all the attention.. pls hold him tight cos they don’t make such anymore out here.. feeling down and being lonely is the easiest way to depression”.

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