‘I’ll do my best to remain a good wife.’ On their third wedding anniversary, Linda Ejiofor and Ibrahim Suleiman exchange vows.

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Linda Ejiofor and Ibrahim Suleiman, a Nollywood couple, have written sweet notes and shared precious moments to commemorate their third wedding anniversary.

Linda Ejiofor stated on her Instagram page that marrying Ibraham Suleiman was her finest option. She also thanked him for always making time for all of her pranks.

Linda Ejiofor promised her husband that she would be a nice best friend, wife, and mother in the future.

She wrote: How it STARTED, and how its GOING!!! My Nimi…i really do like me better when I’m with you. It’s been 3 solid years of this beautiful thing called our love. Sometimes I catch myself in the realisation that you are one of the best decisions I will ever make.

Thank you for being the reason for my smiles. Thank you for always having time for my shenanigans. Thank you for Keon. For being the best Father to him. Thank you for going on this journey called Marrige with me. I will do my best to continue being a good bestfriend, wife and mother. Happy Anniversary @ibrahimsuleimanofficial !!! I love you so much my heart!! Cheers to Us.

Ibrahim Suleiman, on his part, showered beautiful encomium on his wife and expressed love for her while reminiscing on the years to have spent together in love and happiness.

ibrahimsuleimanofficial wrote: Three Years. Feels like three weeks, but then I look at Keon and realise that my arithmetic is off . Three years of God’s love, mercy, and abundant grace.

I love you, my friend.
I love how intentional you are about choosing me everyday.
I love how with us, even the most trying days can be funny.
I love how you let me take care of you, provide for you, support you. Because before I came along, you could do all of that for yourself.
I love how much family means to you.
I love how you try so hard to be better daily.
I love how you catch my eye from across a crowded room, and everyone else just disappears.

Thank you, for being my Partner, my Guy, my Lover, my Confidant, my Confessor, my Coach, my Queen, my sounding board. Thank you for Keon. Thank you, for You. Happy Anniversary, Sunshine. I’m the luckiest guy in the world because I get to love you. I am truly grateful for you.

Linda Ejiofor
Linda Ejiofor.


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