‘I’m done with superwoman; I want to be a golddigger,’ she says. Wunmi Toriola is a Nigerian actress.

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Wunmi Toriola, a Nollywood actress, taunted her followers by using a popular slang term used by many Nigerian social media users and celebrities.

For the past several days, a cliche among Nigerian youngsters has gone viral online, which goes something like this: “na wetin my power no reach I wan dey do now,” accompanied by a photo or video of chores they can’t normally execute.

Wunmi Toriola nailed the trend by teasing her fans with a stunning snapshot and declaring that she’s weary of being a superwoman.

According to Wunmi Toriola, she wants to be a golddigger for the rest of this month and questioned her fans who is in with her.

I am tired of doing superwoman. I want to be a golddigger for one month Who is in ???????? And this is on period.

NenyKo recalls Wunmi Toriola recently recounted how she battled with infertility in her marriage before she got a miraculous conception.

In a lengthy post shared on her Instagram page, the actress said that after her marriage, she and her husband decided to rest for some period before having a child.

However, the period of their rest was over, and she could not conceive for six months which left her worried, and she went to a fertility hospital alongside her husband to ascertain the cause of their problem.

According to Wunmi Toriola, the doctor confirmed that she and her husband are medically okay, but because she was eager to have a child, she opted for IUI (Intrauterine insemination), which was unsuccessful.

Wunmi Toriola added that she had considered going for IVF (Invitro fertilization) after the unsuccessful IUI, but God miraculously answered them.

Wunmi Toriola


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