‘I’m thrilled with how my nose is being presented.’ Mercy Johnson, an actress, is awestruck by her own beauty (video)

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Mercy Johnson, a Nollywood actress, gushed over her beauty in a recent video posted on her Instagram page.

Mercy Johnson, who has frequently complained about people making fun of her nose, has been left speechless after her makeup artist and photographer did an outstanding job on her face.

Mercy Johnson looked gorgeous in a video posted to her Instagram profile, and followers, including her coworkers, were envious of her beauty.

Mercy Johnson claims that she is being packaged on her nose in the new video.

The way she packaged my nose thrills me, she captioned the video.

NenyKo recalls Mercy Johnson highlighted her experience as a working-class mother as she reveals having children is stressful in a video shared.

According to the actress, merging work and caring for the children can sometimes be overwhelming, requiring patience and perseverance.

Mercy Johnson said prospective mothers should know what they signed up for because the shocking truth is that it is not as easy as it seems, especially as a working-class mom.

Taking to Instagram, she asked the mothers on her page how they interact with their children after the close of work and asked if they are team sneak to the room or team let’s play and spend time together.


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