Inquire with your governors about what they did with the 13 percent derivation cash – Fr Oluoma to Niger Deltans

Rev Fr Chinenye Oluoma, a well-known Nigerian Catholic priest, has urged Nigerians to question their various state governors about what they did with President Muhammadu Buhari’s 13% derivation budget.

According to Fr Oluoma, Nigerians are now aware of those who oppose restructuring and devolution in the country.

He announced this on Monday via his Twitter account.

The declaration came after Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike said that President Buhari had paid the withheld 13% derivation cash owed to Niger Delta governments from 1999 to the present.

Recall that Governor Wike had, during a project commissioning in Rivers, revealed that the money used in building the projects in the state was from the money President Buhari released to the Niger Delta states.

The famous cleric wrote: “If your state is in NDDC, Wike just revealed that Buhari paid all of them their withheld 13% derivation. See all the projects Wike did in Rivers State, what did your governor do?

“This Buhari that some people love to hate and others love to criticize is not a saint, but he’s unraveling the real criminals in Nigerian politics.

“If you take pleasure in criticizing the federal government but are not so mad now as to occupy your state government house, you are not ready for the redemption of Nigeria.

“I won’t fall for the temptation of labelling you with invective but justifiable adjectives. I have almost passed out shouting and shrieking about restructuring and devolution at the Federal government. It is very clear now that those who don’t want restructuring and devolution.

“It just occurred to me that they are the ones who can make it happen or not happen. It is obvious they don’t want it because it will expose their indolence and dubious dealings in the name of governance. Nigeria is a chimaera of some sort, and we are the willing accomplices.”

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