Isreal DMW posts on Instagram for the first time after Ifeanyi’s death to celebrate Davido on his 30th birthday (Video)

Isreal DMW, 002 performing artiste and Davido’s logistics manager, has returned to Instagram to celebrate the singer’s 30th birthday.

As many people congratulate the artist on his entry into the 30th club, Isreal DMW has joined them.

To commemorate his birthday, the newlywed man returned to Instagram for the first time since October 27th.

Isreal has kept away from social media since Davido’s son, Ifeanyi, drowned, to mourn with his boss.

Isreal DMW and Davido

Taking to Instagram, he rained prayers on him.

“Happy 30th birthday Sir. The Lord would continue to be ur strength, Amen”.

Isreal appreciates Davido

Isreal DMW’s loyalty to Davido is one that is sweet to watch.

Recall that Isreal DMW had penned a gratifying message to his boos.

Following the success of his traditional and white wedding, Isreal DMW appreciated the singer.

Expressing his gratitude, he stated that he remains forever grateful.

“Thanks so much sir. Am forever grateful @davido”.

Isreal affirms loyalty to Davido

Isreal DMW’s gratitude message isn’t coming as a surprise to many as they noted how grateful he is.

NenyKo reported that Isreal had expressed his gratitude to his boss for assisting him with his UK visa.

Isreal DMW took to his Instagram story to reveal how Davido played a role in helping him secure a 2 years visa to the UK.

Appreciating him for the sweet gesture, Isreal DMW asserted that he wouldstill choose to serve the singer in his next life.

Making more demands, Isreal told Davido that his US visa was next.

“I just got another 2 yrs UK Visa into my life. Thanks my Oga. If I come another life again, it is you I will serve. E remains America ooh. Uruese Kakabo”.

Isreal DMW celebrates Davido

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