Joe Biden secured 7 million “popular votes” more than Trump – report

US President-elect, Joe Biden’s margin over the incumbent President, Donald Trump in the nationwide popular vote is now over 7 million a number that might grow as several states continue counting votes.

  Though Hilary Clinton since 2016 has been the second-largest vote but now taken over  by Trump while Biden has  taken  the lead  


As of Friday morning, December 4, president-elect Biden had won about 81.2 million votes, while Trump won about 74.2 million.

Two hundred and seventy (270) electoral votes are needed to become president. Biden won 306 electoral votes, while Trump has 232.

 Trump’s vote count makes him the second-highest vote earner in the history of American politics, While Biden is the president with the highest votes ever.

 Trump continues to make claims about widespread voter fraud and refused to admit defeat.

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