Love is not your clothes: ????“True love never ages no matter the condition”????

Love is like a cloth that you like so much that you could not resist buying it in the first place. But then you bought it and start wearing it and it starts to wear off, yet you can see that it is degrading. Rather than get rid of it like you do with normal clothes, you keep liking and nurturing it more. Yet, it keeps degrading more and more, and yet you keep nurturing and supporting it. 

It does not matter to you that it is almost torn like a rag caused by aging, you patch it up and make it look brand new. It is only your eyes that see the newness you see and this keeps giving you joy even when the people around you can’t see this. 

If you have ever been in love and it feels like above, it is not because you are crazy, rather, it is because you have found true love. “True love never ages no matter the condition.”

All you need to do is just keep doing what you are doing, you are in the right and your love will remain everlasting.

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