Mary Remmy Njoku, a working mother, says she misses her children.

Mary Remmy Njoku, a Nollywood actress and filmmaker, has expressed her longing for her children.

The stunning mother of three, who is currently on set, took to Instagram to express how difficult it is to be a working mother, crying out about missing her children and how she can’t stop thinking about them.

Mary Remmy also lamented how, as a child, she fantasised about travelling around the world, but now she fantasises about not travelling for work.

She wrote: ” I miss my kids. Been awake all night thinking of them. This ‘working mum’ business is not ‘beans’”.

“Growing up, I dreamt of travelling the world. Now I dream of not travelling for work”.

Mary Remmy Njoku advises fans to take out time to live

NenyKo recalls that Mary Remmy Njoku advised her fans on the most important thing in life.

The mother of three who has been seemly absent from social media makes a comeback with a piece of powerful advice that can truly be a lifesaver.

Njoku urged those who work round the clock to take a break and live to the fullest because life is an egg that can crack.

She wrote: If you are a hard worker, take out time to LIVE. Your family will survive.

Life is like an egg. And can ‘drop’ at anytime. Don’t let the ‘rat race’ be the only experience you have of life. Running around for people that MIGHT not mourn you for a when you are gone. We are all guests on earth Start LIVING

In her caption, she noted that “Selflessness isn’t sustainable without an adequate dose of selfishness”

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