Meghan settles lawsuit with Splash UK firm over Archie images

A civil argument against a news agency that photographed her and her son, Archie, has been settled by the Duchess of Sussex, the High Court has heard.The administration-owned Splash News and Picture Agency has promised not to take pictures of her, Prince Harry or Archie, should it start selling.The attorney for Meghan said the images were taken in a park in Canada during a “private family outing”The solicitor’s remarks were acknowledged by Splash administrators. 

The photos were taken on 20 January using a long lens in Horth Hill Regional Park on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and showed Meghan walking with her two puppies, with Archie in a baby sling.

Since declaring their decision to move down as senior members of the Royal Family to share their time between the UK and North America, Canada at the time. They eventually moved to California, Meghan’s home town. In March, both in her own right and with her partner, Harry, Meghan filed privacy and data security lawsuits against Splash on behalf of Archie.However on 1 July, after the claim had been released and served, Splash UK went into administration.At a distant High Court hearing, Mr Justice Nicklin heard specifics of the deal.Jenny Afia, Meghan’s attorney, said that the parties have decided to settle the lawsuit against the firm in the light of the administration, with Splash UK promising not to take any photos of the pair or their son, should it come out of administration in the future.

Ms Afia told the court that the situation of the pair was that taking the pictures was a “unlawful invasion of privacy” and their subsequent syndication to the media violated their rights to data security. She said the pair claimed that Meghan and Archie were on a private family outing in a remote rural setting and that there was no public interest in the photographs” “a full reconnaissance inspection”full reconnaissance inspection”walking around it looking to identify entry and exit points and putting his camera over the fence to take photographs”walking around it to identify entry and exit points and putting his camera over the fence to take photographs. Neil Allen of Splash UK’s administrators acknowledged “all that Ms Afia has said on behalf of the agency.

A spokesperson for the parent company Splash stated: “Splash confirms that one of its former companies has agreed that, should it begin trading again, it will not take unauthorised photographs of the family of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.” The deal was a clear signal that unlawful, invasive and intrusive paparazzi behaviour will not be tolerated, and that the couple takes these matters seriously – just as any family would A spokeswoman for Schillings, Meghan and Harry’s legal representatives said.The spokesman added that a simultaneous and identical lawsuit against Splash US – the American sister corporation of Splash UK – is continuing in the UK courts.The Duchess is also suing The Mail On Sunday and MailOnline’s publisher, Associated Media, for printing a letter the Duchess sent to her estranged father, Thomas Markle.

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