Mercy Eke of BBNaija has been slammed for her new reality show.

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Mercy Eke, the winner of Big Brother Naija’s ‘LockDown’ edition, has sparked online reactions following the premiere of her new reality TV show ‘Mercy What Next?’ on DSTV.

Mercy Eke likely corrected an impression about food options for Lagos residents in the short video that has been making the rounds on social media.

You have to have your afang soup, she says, but I have to have the pepper soup, and I say, no, you don’t do that, that’s not how we roll in Lagos.

However, many people were unable to understand what she was saying because of her accent.

This is not the first time Mercy Eke has been criticized for always faking her accent but has continued to act unbothered about it.

As expected, many social media users knocked Mercy Eke over the video and urged her to always express herself without faking any accent to avoid criticisms.

nisseyluv19 wrote: This is so funny, can’t even describe how she sounds wrote: Can we please stick the way we speak normally and stay natural to avoid unnecessary wahala?!!!!

somebodys_1stson wrote: Ehya igbotic accent end to end encrypted like whatsapp. I bet she doesn’t know how ridiculous she sounds

benzolene_ wrote: Make this girl no bother start this show again. She don dey mess up already

chocl8mix wrote: Dear mercy, practice makes perfect. Keep it up but it’s confident if you own your accent.


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