Motorists groan in Kaduna over fuel scarcity

Motorists have expressed pain over unending fuel scarcity in Kaduna and its environs.

Several motorists have parked their vehicles, due to the scarcity.

According to James Adole, a bus driver, there is no point in buying fuel and running a shuttle in town with little or no gain.

He disclosed that he bought fuel at the cost of N7,000, and realised N6,600 at the close of business.

Also, Moses Musa who drives a cab within the city said he parked his taxi at a filling station in Kaduna for days waiting for fuel.

” My taxi was in a queue at a filling station for days waiting for fuel. Unfortunately, even when they offload fuel, it’s being diverted,” he lamented.

According to him, fuel is sold on the black market, adding that when a taxi driver buys such fuel, he gains nothing

Also, speaking to DAILY POST in Kaduna, a twelve-seater commercial bus driver, Mr Yusuf Abdullahi said he charges customers based on the price he buys fuel.

” As they increase prices, so also I increase transport fare. It is not possible to have a table transport fare as fuel prices continue to rise every day,” he said.

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