Nigerian man narrates how he nearly lost his life on December 31.


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A Nigerian man has taken to Nairaland to narrate on how he almost lost his life on December 31st after he was attacked by some armed robbers on his way to church.

In his post, he wrote on how himself and his friend found themselves on a lonely road only to be attacked by the rogues who robbed him of his phone and cash.

He wrote:

”Despite the ecstatic vibe attached to the last day of the year (Gruesome 2020 especially), It ended sadly for me as I experienced a near death situation”.

”’On 31st December, I and my friend decided to experience a great cross-over night at Glory Dome, Dunamis Church Abuja. We boarded a bus from Arab junction, Jabi to Lugbe where the Church is located”.

”Less than halfway through the journey, the bus began to develop issues and finally stopped just before Wuye Arab bridge. We all had to come down from the vehicle in pursuit of an alternative to our various destinations”.

”I and my friend walked over to the other end of the bridge while we waited for a cab heading our route. Unluckily for us, we stood there for a while, we couldn’t find any cab as most of them were already filled up and most of the other passengers had already gone their separate ways”.

”It was becoming dark, lonely, and scary giving the nature of the place we were standing. Just less than 4feets our back were bushes, albeit downhill, and underneath the bridge is a railway track, you won’t be able to tell even because it’s filled with outright darkness”.

”It was becoming tiring and frustrating, we looked down and noticed 3 guys heading our position, they were seated initially for some while, we both thought they were from same vehicle we boarded and frustrated as we were, my friend suggested we team up with them and look for cab together, I jokingly replied “What if they’re here to rob us..?” We both laughed.

”Unbeknownst to us, they actually were. They got closer and to where we were standing, subtly attempting to encircle us while I was looking forward to them passing us, my friend ran off immediately, before I could realize they already formed a triangle grid around me each of them bearing long, sharp knives shouting “Hey! hey!! bring your pocket..!!”.

”Being ganged up, held down and threatened to be stabbed if you don’t comply, It was indeed a vicious moment for me, and all I could think of was how I could get out of that situation unhurt. But despite the fear that engulfed me, I stood my ground holding my pocket firmly while they tried to forcefully penetrate in with their hands”.

”My friend was on the other side, almost at the middle of the express road shouting “Thieves..!” to at least call the attention of motorists but they all formed swirled track avoiding him, perhaps thinking it was a plot to get the robbed”?

”After several resistance from my end, I got stabbed on my thigh by one of the guys, I then had to let go as they emptied my pocket, carting away with my phone and wallet”.

”Attempting to run back into the bush, I immediately went after the one that got my phone, he kind of lost orientation and was almost headed towards the bridge while his other gang were heading to the bush. He immediately turned around swinging his long knife so I wouldn’t get close, he then threw the phone to his other gang in the bush and they all ran away”.

”These robbers were skinny, tall hausa boys all wearing face caps, I was so devastated that if I had a gun, I wouldn’t hesitate even in a split second to put three bullets in their heads. Why does bad thing always happen to good people? I’m not insinuating I’m a saint but I’ll never to this to a fellow. Why me”?

”Anyways, after the sad occurrence of losing everything I had and almost my life, it reasonable to go back home just as my friend suggested, but instead we still waited, get a cab and head to the church where we had the cross over night. I personally didn’t have any good experience despite dancing and joyous experience everyone had ther”e.

”I lost my Samsung A30, Gtb, Diamond and Payoneer debit cards and some cash in the wallet all at one night”

”Anyways, I’m looking for who can track my phone using maybe the IMEI number? the phone pack, receipt are still intact”.

”Lastly, kindly learn from my story and avoid that Wuye bridge at all cost”.

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