Nkechi Blessing, Nollywood actress, reportedly hospitalised after collapsing on set (Video)

 Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing has collapsed on stage while shooting. Though she has been advising others on the need to listen to their bodies and rest before the episode.


she has taken to her Instagram page that she is fit now.

“My body kept giving me diff signs from the day one of the shoot, But I kept on pushing, one mind kept saying NBS Rest ooo problem no dey finish, I say never I will rest after this shoot…

Suddenly NBS broke down, and the colleagues rallied round for medical aid.

Nkechi thanked God for the breath of life;

“Anyways thank God for life, I feel stronger this morning, fam there is a really Thin line Btwn life and Death ooo…Always Rest as much as you work cus true problem no Dey finish”

See the video.

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