Obi Cubana’s club suffers the loss of a female client due to alleged electrocution.

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Hustle and Bustle, Obi Cubana’s Abuja club, is currently in sorrow over the loss of a female patron who died as a result of electrocution.

According to sources, camera footage of the deceased in her final moments revealed she was electrocuted by one of the metals on the floor, despite the fact that the manager was on sleep duty at the time of the incident.

After the heartbreaking news triggered comments from Nigerians, the management of Hustle and Bustle published this announcement.

However, the management of the club, owned by the billionaire businessman and socialite, had released a public statement yesterday, stating the immediate shut down of the club due to the loss of their esteemed client.

Amid the tragic event, the management had commiserated with the bereaved over the loss of their loved one that happened to meet her end at their club.

The public statement reads:

We are closed till further notice. This is due to the loss of our esteemed client.

We are deeply saddened by this situation and need time to heal from it. Our prayers are with the families of the lost soul. May her soul Rest In Peace. We sympathise with the family on this unbearable loss.

Kindly bear with us as we pass through this storm.❤




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