‘One of the most powerful women who ever lived.’ Bovi, a stand-up comedian, commemorates his mother’s 64th posthumous birthday.

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Bovi Ugboma, a Nigerian comedian and actor, took to social media today, November 16th, 2021, to wish his mother a happy 64th birthday.

The loss of a loved one is sad and unforgettable because they live on in our hearts, and the ace comedian is no exception.

To commemorate the new year, Bovi tweeted a photo of his late mother, whom he described as “one of the most wonderful ladies who ever lived.”

He wrote: Happy 64th posthumous birthday to my mother! One of the greatest women that ever lived

NenyKo recalls Bovi Ugboma made a special appeal to NTA Benin while sharing his childhood moments with his fans.

Recounting his early days, the comic actor said his first encounter with an audience lives on tv was in NTA Benin, where he performed a poem.

His 5-year-old self was proud of himself when his aunty, a presenter at that time, took him home for a repeat of the show where he could see his performance on the black and white tv.

Upon tuning in to the station, the power company interrupted the power when it got to his part and restored it when his part was over.



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