Palestinian says rabbis instruct children to “kill those who are not Jewish”

‘Military expert’ demonizes Israelis with baseless accusation claiming that they are taught to murder.

Palestinian Media Watch shows Palestinian girl reciting poem that calls for a “war that will smash the oppressor and destroy the Zionist’s soul,”


Palestinians living in the West Bank have been told that rabbis teach Israeli children that they should “kill everyone who is not Jewish,” stated Wasaf Ereket in a program titled PLO – Conventions and Agreements broadcast on official PA TV on December 16th. Ereket, who made this baseless allegation, was introduced as a military expert.

Erekat continued these allegations by stating that “the Israelis train their children to carry weapons. Our children don’t carry a weapon, they train them with weapons and train them based on the principle: ‘Kill everyone who is not Jewish.’”

Erekat accused rabbis of implanting this indoctrination in the children of Israel: ‘Kill everyone who is not Jewish’” as the motto.

Later in the interview Erekat told the host that he was “in favor of resisting the occupation (i.e. Israel) by all means,” a phrase that is often used by Palestinian leaders to include violence against Israeli civilians.

This is not the first time that Palestinian viewers have been told that Jews hate them and want to kill them. In the series Fida’i (‘Self-sacrificing fighter), produced by Al Aqsa TV in 2015, a Jewish family is seen at the hospital bedside of a relative who was beaten and injured. As they discuss who the attacker might be, a young boy says: “Definitely an Arab. I hate Arabs. I want to kill them!”

A male relative responds: “My dear Noam, I want you to be like this. You should always hate Arabs. All our lives we hate Arabs. We don’t love Arabs.”

These reports came from the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), which is a non-profit Israeli research institute known internationally for its in-depth research of Palestinian society from a broad range of perspectives.

Its team of Arabic language researchers spends hours monitoring, translating, and analyzing PA-controlled newspapers, TV shows, radio programs, social media sites, and schoolbooks to understand the messages the Palestinian Authority and other Palestinian leaders send to their people.


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