Pastors and church staff who attended Shiloh 2020 are reportedly down with COVID19

A worker at the Living Faith Church presided over by Pastor David Oyedepo, is allegedly currently battling with COVID19.

 Fisayo Soyombo a journalist who shared this on Twitter handle, said the worker in question believed he contracted the virus when he attended the church  annual convention (Shiloh) that took place between December 8 to 13.

 The said worker claimed some pastors who attended the program have also started presenting symptoms of the disease.

Fisayo says the worker’s wife, daughter, and domestic employee have started presnting symptoms of the viral disease.

Read Fiyaso’s tweets below:

”A worker at the Living Faith Church is down with COVID-19 after attending Shiloh 2020. His wife, daughter and domestic employee are exhibiting symptoms of the virus — even their dog! Some pastors who attended Shiloh are down with the virus too”.

“This worker didn’t want to physically attend Shiloh, held from December 8 to 13, but had no alternative because the church made it compulsory for workers. As can be seen from internet videos, congregants mingled with one another without masks or social distancing”.

“In the past, the church observed safety protocol such as social distancing, wearing of face masks and hand washing. However, at Shiloh, no precautionary measures were in place”.

“People were just careless,” he said. “Yes, many people didn’t come this year because of COVID but those in attendance were careless.”

The problem is this worker knows the pastors currently exhibiting symptoms of the virus will not admit this to the Founder & Presiding Bishop, meaning other potentially infected but asymptomatic Shiloh congregants might continue mixing with people without caution.

“Some Winners pastors are down with COVID; they’re just keeping it to themselves but we can’t just fold our hands,” he said. The plea from him is that those who attended Shiloh “should try to isolate themselves and try not to pass on the virus”.

His wish is for people to get educated that the festive season is no excuse for them to physically attend crossover services without recourse to COVID-19 safety protocol.”

Pastors and church workers who attended Shiloh 2020 allegedly down with COVID19
Pastors and church workers who attended Shiloh 2020 allegedly down with COVID19

Pastors and church workers who attended Shiloh 2020 allegedly down with COVID19

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