Pictures of a 23-yr-old Nigerian man’s court marriage to a 46-yr-old American lover goes viral

-The 23-year-old indigenous Kano, Suleiman Isah, who married Janine Anne Reimann, his 46-year-old American lover, had a court marriage with the lady.Images of the wedding revealed that it was a private affair for relatives and friends to observe the profession of passion of the pair.– The woman was wearing a traditional dress to identify with her husband’s African culture.Love will happen anyway, regardless of the large age difference. Suleiman Isah, a 23-year-old Nigerian man from Kano state, seems to have proven this with his marriage to 46-year-old Janine Anne Reimann. 

Recall that days earlier, as photographs of the pair went viral on major social media sites, the woman arrived in Nigeria to marry her heartthrob, sparking huge reactions from Nigerians.

Fatiha’s wedding took place on Sunday, December 13, as the pair were blessed in the presence of their families and friends in the Kano State region of Gasau Panshekara. The pair took their relationship a big step forwards on Thursday, December 17, when they legalised it in the state through a court marriage.The ceremony was at the Kano Federal Register. Wedding pictures show the pair in formal dress as the American wife puts on an ankara skirt.See below for some of their court wedding photos:As they kept their marriage certificate, the husband was dressed in a luscious Agbada and hat, standing in front of the signboard of the registry. Other photographs represent people with the couple.

Photos from the Court Wedding of 23-year-old Kano Man and his 46-year-old American Lover

In the company of family and friends, their wedding was held. Source photo: Suleiman Isah Source: Facebook

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