Police have detained 14 people in connection with the siege of Justice Odili’s residence.

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On October 29, 14 people were arrested by the Nigerian police high command for reportedly raiding the house of Supreme Court judge Justice Odili.

Syndicates from the police force, the military, journalism, and the legal profession are among the accused.

Lawrence Ajodo, a fictitious Chief Superintendent of Police, Stanley Nkwazeme, a journalist for one of the national daily, and an Islamic scholar are among the suspects.


Police spokesman Frank Mba paraded the suspects in Abuja on Thursday, November 11, and explained that their arrest followed a swift investigation by the police.

Police arrests 14 suspects connected with siege on Justice Odili?s home

He said seven of the suspects, including two soldiers, are at large.

He vowed that all suspects at large would be apprehended.

Mba noted that the leader of the illegal operation is a fake Chief Superintendent of police.

He said the criminals are loose canons and document forgers who were on their own and not hired by any personnel of the ministry of justice.

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