Purported security outfit launched by Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB to fight crime in south-east and south-south

A security outfit known as the Eastern Security Network (ESN) was launched by the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), which it said would protect the south-east and south-south from criminal activity. Emma Powerful, spokesperson for the banned group who made the announcement on Sunday December 13, said the outfit is a replica of Amotekun launched by the south-western governors to kerb the region’s insecurity.He added that the “failure” of the South-East and South-South governors to enforce measures to protect the people of those regions led to the launch of the security outfit.

The statement read; 


“The sole aim and objective of this newly formed security outfit known as Eastern Security Network is to halt every criminal activity and terrorist attack on Biafraland. 

“This outfit, which is a vigilante group like the Amotekun in the south-west and the Miyetti Allah security outfit, will ensure the safety of our forests and farm lands which terrorists have converted into slaughter grounds and raping fields.

“We can’t watch helplessly while those we are agitating to liberate from bondage are gradually being eliminated by terrorists. 

“We, therefore, advise every robber, kidnapper and other criminals to steer clear of Biafra land or brace for the worst. We must defend Biafra no matter the price.

“Biafra security network personnel will release special phone numbers for people to call whenever there is any case of criminality, including kidnapping and robbery activities, in the whole of Biafra land.

“Every resident in Biafra land should use the numbers to report any criminal activity anywhere in Biafra land for prompt response.

“Unnecessary police brutality on innocent citizens also must stop. 

“Police and army checkpoints which have since been converted to extortion points should be dismantled. Any attempt to sabotage this security network will be stoutly resisted.” 

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