“Put a gate around your pool,” people say as skitmaker Sabinus spends millions on a new home.

Messages of congratulations are pouring in for Sabinus, a skitmaker and content creator, as he purchases a new home.

We previously reported that the Instagram comedian had purchased a new home.

Sabinus had undoubtedly spent millions on the new home, which included a swimming pool.

Following the announcement, many people took to social media to congratulate him on his new blessings.

Reactions to Sabinus new house


One King Balmain wrote, “Well deserved!! Congratulations to him!

One Jessica wrote, “Congrats to him. Be like say I go start to do comedy o

One Petite Onyi wrote, “He has been working hard congratulations

One Isreal Izzy wrote, “He deserves it and more, man’s work ethics
is incredible

One Chiamaka Nita wrote, “Congratulations more wins please be careful with EDU to avoid using your house as COLLATERAL

One Gracey Onika wrote, “He try well well. Make e try dey go shows when dem pay am for or not collect the money at all

One Sledge wrote, “These ones deh hustle

One Kiki Ukeomah wrote, “Dude works hard. He deserves it

However, one Barbie advised him to out gate in his pool. She wrote, “Put gate4 dat pool oh. Or always cover it when not in use

This year has been raining blessings for the skitmaker, who rose into prominence this year.

Sabinus acquires new car

Just months back, Sabinus or Mr Funny had acquired a new car.

The new car came one month after he crashed his Benz in an accident.

Taking to his Instagram story, Sabinus shared a clip of him posing with his new whip.

In the video, Sabinus appreciated his insurance company for helping him get back his car.

He used the opportunity to advise the public on the need for insuring their property.

His new car, is a white version of his black Mercedes Benz GLE.

Following the good news, many congratulated the skitmaker on his new blessing.

Reactions to Sabinus new house
Reactions to Sabinus new house
Reactions to Sabinus new house
Reactions to Sabinus new house

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